We will help you make the right decision by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of every string trimmer type and offering the best machine in every category.

Top 3 Best Weed Eater Reviews 2016

  1. Black & Decker LST136W cordless trimmer(Check Price >> )

  2. GreenWorks 21142 corded trimmer(Check Price >>  )

  3. HUSQVARNA Refurbished 128LD gas trimmer(Check Price >> )

Weed Eater Types

The first thing you will need to decide when you start looking for the best weed wacker is which type you should buy. There are three of them, and each has its pros and cons. You will need to consider your unique needs and choose a weed eater based on them. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money as the machine will not be able to deliver the results you need.

Our #1 Pick

If you need a lightweight, easy to use electric weed trimmer for an average sized lawn, this model might be a really good choice for you.

Type 1: Cordless Weed Eaters

A cordless weed eater operates on battery power. This allows for great flexibility of use as you can take and use it literally everywhere. You can even take it with you when on a camping trip or visiting your family out in the country.


  • Mobile
  • Quiet
  • Eco-friendly


  • Lack of power.
    You may not be able to cut through some thick overgrown weeds to make the lawn perfectly even.
  • Need batteries.
    You won’t be able to use this type of trimmer to work a large area of lawn if you don’t have a spare battery to keep it going.

A cordless weed eater is the perfect choice for people who have small gardens and close neighbors. This machine works exceptionally well on small weeds and is relatively quiet.


Our pick for cordless weed eater

The best cordless string trimmer out there is Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer from Black & Decker. This machine is equipped with the PowerDrive Transmission. Therefore, it combats one of the major cons of this trimmer type, which is the lack of power. If you use Black & Decker LST136W, you will be able to get all the grass in your backyard cut quickly and efficiently.

The 40V lithium battery runs a long time, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to finish trimming your garden in one go. In addition, lithium batteries are the best kind currently available on the market. If you care for it right, it won’t lose its efficiency for a very long time.

Black & Decker LST136W has the Automatic Feed Spool feature, which allows it to run continuously for extended periods of time with no bumping. It’s also very flexible as you will only need to turn the shaft to turn your trimmer into an edger. All cordless string trimmer reviews we’ve studied agree that this machine definitely meets all the requirements you would expect from the best weed wacker.

Black &Decker is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor equipment and a great variety of other tools. It invests in the innovation and progress, which allowed the company to become the leader of the marker. You can be sure in the quality of all Black & Decker equipment.

Type 2: Corded (Electric) Weed Eaters

As its name states, an electric weed eater runs on electricity. These machines are more powerful than cordless string trimmers, but not as much as the ones that run on gasoline. They are versatile and will allow you to keep your backyard well-trimmed with little effort. They are a bit cheaper than cordless weed eaters, so this is the most economical option available to you. They are also relatively silent, which makes these weed eaters good to use in residential areas.


  • Quiet
  • Efficient
  • Can be used for extended periods of time


  • Mobility limited by a cord
  • Not as powerful as gas weed wackers


Our pick for corded weed eater

The best string trimmer of this type is GreenWorks 21142. This machine is equipped with a 10 Amp motor that will easily cut through any weed and will allow you to tend to your lawn quickly. It also offers 18“ cutting path, which adds another boost to the trimming speed.

One of its biggest advantages is the fact that the device is really light, so it can be easily handled by a woman. GreenWorks 21142 is very easy to use, so you will have it mastered after trying out the machine for only a few minutes. It is also gas attachment capable and is compatible with the vast majority of attachments you can find on Amazon.

Among the string trimmer reviews we’ve studied, GreenWorks 21142 stands out due to its quality and efficiency. The vast majority of users only have positive things to say about this machine. GreenWorks is a company that has definitely earned its stellar reputation by the quality of both its products and customer service offered. Should there be any problems with the device, you can count on the manufacturer’s warranty to cover your expenses.

Type 3: Gas Weed Eaters

If you are looking to trim a large garden with big weeds, you should go for a gas weed eater. This type is the most powerful and can handle any kind of challenge. The difference in the capabilities between this machine and an electric string trimmer is like something you would expect from a residential versus commercial power appliance.


  • Powerful
  • Can be used for large yards
  • Mobile


  • Noisy
  • Emit toxic fuel fumes
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Despite all the aforementioned “cons”, gas weed eaters are so efficient and durable that they really make the best choice for anyone who needs to trim grass over a relatively large plot of land. You just need to buy a good model that doesn’t pollute the air with poisonous fumes.

Note that there are 2 and 4 stroke gas weed eaters available. Both types are efficient, and their only difference is in the number of RPM (rotations per minute). In general, 2 stroke trimmers rev and recover faster, while 4 stroke models are really hard to lug down, regardless of RPM.

Curved Vs. Straight Shaft Weed Eaters

curved shaft

Weed eaters differ not only based on the source of power they use. The shape of the tool’s shaft is another important factor you will need to consider when making your choice. There are straight and curved shaft string trimmers, and each kind has its own distinct advantages.

Straight shaft models are the most popular kind as they are highly versatile and allow you to cut and trim at any angle with ease. These shafts are either made of steel or have a steel rod inside, so they are extremely durable and make it easier to keep control of the machine while cutting.

Curved units are better suited for working with edges and small areas with lots of corners. They are reliable, but on average, they aren’t as efficient and durable as the sturdier straight shaft models. Curved weed eaters are never as powerful as their straight counterparts.

Despite their weaknesses, both types of string trimmer shafts are good. You just need to take into account your needs and pick the one better suited to meet them.

The Best Weed Eater Buying Guide

Shopping for a weed wacker can be tricky, especially if you prefer buying online. This way, you won’t have the ability to test and compare how various machines “feel” in your hand. However, if you know exactly what factors to consider when shopping for this garden tool, you won’t need to physically hold the device in order to choose the right one for you.

The considerations you will have to keep in mind are:

  • The size of the area and access to power outlets.
    These factors will help you determine the type of the weed eater you need right away. If the area is large, you will need a gas trimmer. As these machines are more powerful, they are the only kind that can handle vast plots of land efficiently. If the area is relatively smaller, but its layout is such that you don’t have a direct access to many outlets, a corded weed wacker is not an option. In case you have a small backyard and don’t want to bother with a power cord, a cordless trimmer is your best choice.
  • The layout of the land.
    Are there any structures surrounding the area where you are going to use the weed eater? If there are plenty of “obstacles” you need to work around, you should go for a curved shaft trimmer as it allows more flexibility with angles. However, is there are any bushes or fences, and you need to trim underneath them, you will be better served by a straight shaft weed wacker.
  • Types of weeds you need to cut.
    This is an important consideration as cordless and electric string trimmers aren’t powerful enough to handle big weeds and bushes. Of course, these machines will work for a while, but they will break down rather fast. If there are lots of tough weeds in the area, you will do a much better job with a commercial-grade machine. Therefore, you will definitely need to buy a gas weed eater with a powerful motor.
  • The person to use the weed eater.
    Consider who is going to use this tool more often as weed wacker models differ in size and weight. Electric trimmers are lighter and better suited for women and teens, while large gas weed eaters can be operated by men with a bit of practice.
  • Your neighborhood.
    Some neighbors may not be very understanding about the noise this tool produces. Take your time to find out whether this is going to be an issue in your area. If so, you should go for an electric trimmer (either corded or cordless) as this type is much quieter.
  • Controls and additional features.
    You should study quite weed eater reviews and the manufacturer’s product description carefully in order to understand what extra features various models have. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to buy a machine that is not the most powerful but is more efficient and flexible due to its in-built traits, like an ability to replace the string with blades, for example. A see-through gas tank is another helpful extra you should look out for when buying a trimmer that runs on gas.
  • The price.
    Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but there is no denying the fact that the price if the device matters quite a lot. However, you should consider other important features first. Otherwise, you may buy a cheaper model only to have it break down fast, so you will spend more money n replacements than buying a good one from the start would have cost you.

Weed Eater Maintenance Tips

Once you get the best weed wacker, you will need to take good care of it in order to make sure that it serves you for many years to come. Regular maintenance is a must for any type of mechanism. This is how you should service your string trimmer:

  • Clean it thoroughly after every use.
    Debris is the biggest enemy of all weed eaters. Therefore, you need to remove every piece of it from the mechanism to make sure there is nothing there to damage it the next time you start the machine. The product manual should have a detailed instruction on how to clean your particular string trimmer model properly. In the vast majority of cases, it’s safe to clean this type of tool with a piece of soft cloth and soapy water.
  • Grease any parts of the mechanism that require it.
    If you have a weed eater model that allows the use of attachments, you will definitely need to oil these parts of the mechanism on a regular basis. The manual should explain how to go about greasing, but you can also look up a few videos online to make sure you do everything right.
  • Keep an eye on the oil-to-gasoline ratio.
    If you have a gas weed wacker, you will need to care for its motor well. It’s based on the same principle as your car motor, so you will need to make the same considerations regarding oil and gasoline. Change the oil regularly and be sure to drain the fuel if you aren’t going to use the tool for a while.
  • Clean and replace the filters.
    String trimmers that are equipped with air and fuel filters require a bit more maintenance as these filters will need to be replaced eventually. Cleaning them after every use (or as often as advised in the product manual) will extend the filters’ lifespan. Bear in mind that some filters need to be coated with oil after cleaning.

If your weed eater doesn’t start, emits strange noises, or otherwise doesn’t behave the way it should, you will need to take it to a professional technician. Some minor string trimmer repairs can be handled even by non-professionals, so you can try to fix the machine on your own.

To do this, you will need to study the manual thoroughly and search for additional information online. Take the time to familiarize yourself both with the device and the procedure you will need to perform. If you need to replace any parts, be sure to buy high-quality compatible items from reputable suppliers. Don’t forget to study the warranty terms as you may break them by repairing the tool by yourself.

When you get down to business, prepare your workplace and make sure that all the tools you will need are there. Drain the fuel from a gas trimmer and remove any parts of the mechanism that can be removed.

Once you start to take the device apart, set aside every detail carefully and make sure to memorize where it goes exactly. Reassemble the mechanism in reverse order and double-check every bolt after you tighten it. Finally, test the machine while taking all the necessary precautions.

In Conclusion

A weed eater is definitely a must have tool for everyone who has a lawn. They are easy to use and are more efficient than traditional lawn mowers. You won’t need to invest a lot of time and effort in caring for your backyard if you use this tool.

Be sure to consider your options carefully, though, as there are a lot of good tools on the market, and you will need to be sure that you really buy the best string trimmer there is.